Be cool. Chill out. Get literally “cold.”

“Be Cool Boy” is all about it. The blog came from the idea of sharing my experience as Luca Toni’s mother, a boy who is cool, in every way. He has a rare genetic condition, called Ectodermal Dysplasia, which provides him peculiar physical characteristics: a thin blond hair, white, almost like a cotton; a well-designed lips that disguise the loss of teeth in his mouth (he has just two); a smooth, soft and hairless skin (due to the absence of sweat glands, which produce sweat). The absence of sweat causes his body to warm up every time the environment temperature increases. We must help him to keep his body temperature low constantly. Because of this, he needs chilled environments, shade, and fresh water.

These characteristics, which could be seen as limitations, made this boy (and me, as a mother) people who learned to face life in a light, fun, creative and happy way. The experiences I’ve had (and still having) with this little 7-year-old human been, taught me a lot about diversity, creativity, and motherhood.

This blog is supposed to be a meeting point. A space for parents, grandparents, teachers, and people who live with the challenges of raising children under the watchful and inclusive eye of diversity. May the stories shared here inspire change, empowerment, and love.

Welcome to “Be Cool Boy”.

I wish you a good reading.