The author

12348104_940218706071013_9046626178532174939_nHi, my name is Raquel Dias, the author of Be Cool Boy.

I am a dietitian, physical educator, professor and researcher and also a mother. I love cooking (and eating), practising Yoga, walking aimlessly and being silly doing “nothing”. I currently live in Canada (because of my postdoctoral) with my husband Giovane, my son Luca Toni and our cat Pig, but originally I am from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

People say I’m a creative person (and sometimes I even believe I am) and for that reason, I get involved in whatever that brings newness and meaning to our lives: art, technology, writing…

Oh, yes, the writing … has become my hobby, my therapy, my way of sharing with the world the challenges of being many people in one. Write about maternity, creativity, and diversity, spreading my daily life experiences of my greatest passion: being Luca Toni’s mother.


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Terri and I enjoying a coffee and talking about the Be Cool Boy blog


The English version of Be Cool Boy is edited in collaboration with Terri Kilbride, who is a writer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We accidentally knew each other (find out how in this post) and her daughter has Ectodermal Dysplasia too. Terri has a challenge of helps a Brazilian blog writer to find the ways to express the original texts messages in Portuguese, in the English language.


If you want to know more about me, my projects and my work, click on the link.